About Us

About Us

My Tennis Journey

Hi folks, My name is Aash, and I’m the founder and content writer of TennisWish. In my life, tennis is like something I can’t live without, so I grew up watching tennis a lot. That’s why it always fascinates me to play or pursue tennis as a sport, and then I joined a professional tennis academy. From there, my tennis playing journey has started, and now I have more than 9 years of experience playing and coaching tennis, and so on.

Our Purpose

Our sole purpose is to share the knowledge, experience, and skills of tennis through our website or other social media platforms. Tenniswish is a website for tennis lovers, tennis enthusiasts, and those who are truly passionate about the most glamorous and well-known sport in the world, which is tennis.

In my early days of tennis, I faced so much confusion about the tennis racquets, tennis brands, or other essential tennis accessories, so which should I buy or not because of my lack of knowledge about the tennis products?

We are trying to help tennis players or tennis lovers, in any way possible, get in-depth knowledge and guidance on picking the right tennis products for their game through our articles or blogs.