Head The Brand

Head Sports GmbH is an American-Austria Sports Equipments manufacturing Company.

Head produces a wide range of products for skiing, snowboarding, swimming, tennis, and other racquet sports. A Company of Mr. Howard Head who was born on 31st July, 1914, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. and died on 3rd March 1991, Baltimore, Maryland, United States.


In 1947, the company launched his “honeycomb” ski project, so named because he envisioned a ski that was constructed of two layers of aluminium bonded to plywood sidewalls that encased a core of honeycomb plastic.


Head Sports GmbH was founded in Baltimore, Maryland, United States by aeronautical engineer Mr. Howard Head, incorporated his business as HEAD Ski Company, Inc.

Head GmbH is a group that includes several previously independent companies, including the original “Head Ski Company” (founded in the United States in 1950).

His skis were not quickly embraced by the market, and it took several years of tireless promotion by Head to establish the expensive Standard as a status symbol product.


According to company records, HEAD became the leading brand of skis sold in the United States and Europe by 1955. Convincing world-class skiers to adopt composite skis took longer, but significant Olympic victories on HEAD skis during the 1960s sealed the fate of conventional hickory skis.


In 1969, the company signed Olympic champion ski racer Jean-Claude Killy to endorse a new metal and fibreglass ski, the Killy 800, and subsequently developed an entire product line of Killy skis.

In 1969, Head sold the company to the AMF and took up tennis. He later bought a controlling interest in Prince Sports.


Also during the 1970s, Head acquired a diving manufacturer, Mares, and a ski binding company, Tyrolia.


In 1998, the company acquired Dacor, a diving industry pioneer, followed by the 1999 addition of Penn Tennis Balls and snowboard makers Blax and Generics.

History Related To Tennis


In the late 1960s, a tennis division was created when Howard Head figured out a way of strengthening the tennis raquet by introducing the Aluminium Frame.


In 1969, the first metal tennis racquet was introduced at the U.S. Open.

In 1969, Head sold the company to the AMF and took up tennis. He later bought a controlling interest in Prince Sports.


After Howard Head’s departure, one of the tennis players that Head sponsored, Arthur Ashe who won the Wimbledon to defeated the defending champion Jimmy Connors in the final, 6–1, 6–1, 5–7, 6–4 of the gentlemen’s singles title at the 1975.


The company started making athletic footwear and introduced the “Radial Tennis Shoes.” The following year, the company opened a new plant in Austria in order to produce more tennis racquets.


HTM introduced the first tennis racket made of titanium and graphite, which proved highly popular. It then developed the first computerised tennis racket, named Head Intelligence, which employed sensors to adjust the necessary power and, in the process, suppressed about half of all vibrations, thus eliminating the cause of tennis elbow.


The brand acquired the Penn Racquet Sports Company. Penn tennis balls are used in many high-profile tournaments worldwide. Penn once produced tennis balls in Phoenix, Arizona.


The company shut down the Penn ball manufacturing factory. Now all tennis balls are produced in China.


The company proved to be successful with three major winners during the year: Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open, Maria Sharapova at the French Open, and Andy Murray at the US Open.


The company started integrating Graphene into their tennis racquets.

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